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In an industry where innovation is both an opportunity and a threat, technology firms must be able to scale fast and pivot even faster. Whatever your company’s focus or life-cycle stage, our industry insights and cross-sector expertise will help you determine the right moves and get fast, sustainable results.

Our technology consultants serve eight of the 10 largest tech conglomerates, three of the five leading software manufacturers, and many of the most influential players in the semiconductor industry. Every day we help these clients identify new avenues for growth, optimize their channel partner networks, and, in semiconductors, improve their strategies and operations to seize opportunities in mobile, autonomous driving, and 5G deployment. We work with clients in IT services, storage, components and peripherals, and every other sector within the tech universe. And our technology practice is backed by our firm’s comprehensive expertise in private equity and telecommunications.

We help market leaders plan acquisitions, streamline R&D processes, boost sales force effectiveness, improve cybersecurity, and reduce costs. We show underperforming companies how to overhaul capital structures, and we show emerging players how to scale up their organizations for the increased complexity that comes with growth. As trusted advisors to CTOs, CIOs, and financial backers, we share a deep understanding of the full potential of cloud computing and the Internet of Things.

The tech industry is one of the most dynamic and consequential sectors of our global economy. But the rising tides don’t necessarily lift all boats. Let us show you how to master the technical and business model innovations that will put you on course toward a new horizon of performance and growth.