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Fashion, Luxury, & Grocery

As the preeminent thought leader in fashion and luxury goods we have helped hundreds of companies in every category tailor winning strategies to gain a competitive edge. Over the course of more than 1,500 engagements we have applied our deep expertise across every facet of the value chain to help fashion and luxury goods companies thrive in a dynamic, rapidly evolving market.

Well before the pandemic, grocery businesses were navigating sweeping changes. Though physical stores were—and still are—important to shoppers, players with strong online capabilities had been rapidly gaining a competitive edge. Then, Covid-19 accelerated growth in online grocery and ushered in other changes: increasing CapEx demands to build the right online capacity, more pressure on already thin margins due to higher input costs—and even demand for healthier foods emerging from growing health consciousness.

As shifts in supply chains, channel strategies, and retail operations move into high gear we can help you meet the moment. With experience working with almost two-thirds of the top 25 global grocery companies, we leverage our Future of Retail framework to help you realize near-term results and long-term success. Our grocery consulting experts can help with category strategy and assortment, pricing and promotion, omnichannel experience, supplier negotiations, grocery store operations, cost reduction, and more.

The pandemic-fueled growth in online grocery is here to stay. To win, grocers will need to make strategic choices to meet customers’ evolving needs; be truly omnichannel; and focus on capacity, profitability, and diversified revenue streams. Above all, they’ll need to learn from and partner with disruptors—and embrace self-disruption themselves—to stay competitive. Amid shifting scenarios and priorities, now is the time to plan for a post-pandemic world that will be fundamentally transformed. As leaders in retail consulting, we bring unmatched experience and a robust set of tools to position you to prepare, evolve, and achieve a sustainable advantage.