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Media & Entertainment

In today’s media and entertainment climate disruption is not the new normal—it’s simply normal. Content consumers are firmly in the driver’s seat—demanding more choice, personalization and interactivity. At the same time, despite a growing number of ways to reach your audience, engaging them has never been more challenging. Behind it all, digital technologies are continually redefining how entertainment and media products are produced, distributed, consumed, and monetized.

We can help you break through the noise and achieve a sustainable competitive edge. We work with your peers, including 8 out of 10 global diversified media and entertainment companies, the top 5 B2B information companies, 8 of the 11 leading publishing companies, many of the top global streaming services across both video and audio, and a number of large global video game companies. We’re also on the front lines of sports and location-based entertainment (LBE), having completed 170 projects in this rapidly growing market. As established leaders in customer loyalty—and experts in the sports industry—we’re well positioned to improve fandoms and optimize connections in the ecosystem of fans, athletes, teams, and brands.

More broadly, our deep media and entertainment consulting expertise will help you sharpen your D2C strategy, identify growth opportunities, achieve deeper customer engagement, and support your M&A strategy—whether your goal is to anticipate and meet customer demand, tap the full value of your data assets, seize a leadership position in the rapidly evolving media ecosystem, or gain a leg up in the rapidly growing eSports market. Our media and entertainment consulting expertise, combined with a robust set of proprietary tools, can help you:

  • Transform your cost structure to meet the change in monetization needs
  • Integrate your acquisitions in the highest ROI methods
  • Identify the most efficient marketing promo mix
  • Increase content monetization through our Content Optimization product
  • Optimize D2C marketing mix to increase customer acquisition and retention at a lower cost
  • Enhance the customer experience using data from NPS Prism
  • Access real-time competitive intelligence and data on marketing effectiveness, measurement and attribution
  • Help you adjust your operating model to support transformative growth.

In an industry where today’s breakthroughs will soon seem as antiquated as rabbit-ears antennae you need a strategy that enables you to be the disruptor, not the disrupted. Our media and entertainment consulting expertise equips you with the data, insights and tools you need to anticipate what’s next, pivot when needed, and transform at speed.