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Investor Visa Services

Our proactive support and assistance to you our investor is what makes it more convenient for companies like yours to choose Ghana as your next business destination. At the CETraC Advisory Consulting Service Center offer assistance relevant to your travel, meeting with government authorities as well as your set up and integration into Ghana. Our assistance:

 Invitation letters and introductions to Ghana’s foreign missions for visa application and processing. As a first step in orienting potential investors to Ghana, the Centre assists with invitation letters to investors upon request and due diligence to facilitate visa acquisition.

Emergency entry visas for business meetings. The Ghana Immigration Service at the request of the Centre can facilitate the issuance of emergency entry visas for investors coming into the country for business meetings.

Setting up meetings with relevant government agencies and private sector associations. Ghana welcomes and values particularly productive Foreign Direct Investments for the development of the country. As such, to maximize the opportunity while offering insight into the economy, the GIPC facilitates meetings between investors, state agencies and other relevant stakeholders. These meetings help with integration and familiarization of investors with relevant actors in the investment sector of focus.

Facilitating company site visits Investors may sometimes seek visual assessment of working sites for intended projects as part of prior scrutiny. As the primary contact for investors, the Center facilitates such site visits for potential investors.

 Business to Business Matchmaking. With efforts of the Center, we can match you the investor to the most appropriate institutional agencies, professional bodies, industry leaders and potential partners relevant to your business for possible strategic alliances and partnership

 Due diligence and company background checks. The Centre assists with due diligence checks on companies upon request. This helps accrue comprehensive information that comes as a handy guide for decision making and future engagements.