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Machinery & Equipment

Machinery and equipment makers are hurtling toward a new reality over the next decade, propelled by advanced Industry 4.0 technologies that will enable them to reinvent their capabilities and embrace solutions-centric business models.

New technologies are facilitating ever more complex forms of tightly integrated, end-to-end automation supported by powerful data analytics. New players are entering the market unburdened by legacy business models.

Given that profit pools in the machinery, systems and control market are expected to double by 2030, companies have plenty of incentive to modernize their tech stacks. We combine deep expertise in digital transformation, Industry 4.0, advanced analytics, cost transformation, organizational design and other disciplines to help you develop and execute a winning strategy.

We can also help you improve all core aspects of operations from procurement, supply chain and operating models to customer experience, B2B sales and marketing, and engineering excellence so you achieve significantly higher levels of efficiency and become a performance leader. Our deep experience in private equity and M&A including unmatched capabilities in due diligence can help you navigate industry consolidation, analyse long-term market scenarios, and stay out front in a highly dynamic industry.